Pistol River

Pistol River: 

Is an unincorporated community about 10 miles south of Gold Beach.  Pistol River is a great example of a micro climate area.  The weather in the Pistol River valley can vary from the weather in the surrounding areas. 

Rumor has that James Mace, a militia soldier, lost a pistol in the river in 1853, during a skirmish of the Rogue River Wars, and it has been known as Pistol River since then.  Pistol River flows for about 20 miles from the Coastal Mountain range to the Pacific Ocean.   

Pistol River has been home to the Pistol River Wave Bash is part of the American Windsurfing Tour. 

Pistol River has the perfect mix of  easy access predictable surf , wind and sunshine to accommodate any windsurfer or kite boarder.  Even if you are not a windsurfer or kite boarder, it is quite amazing to watch people partake in the sport. 

Pistol River Concert Association has monthly concerts and has been doing so since 1982.  Pistol River Concert Association does a great job at bringing high quality bands and musicians to the area. Check their website for the next concert time and newsletter.  It's a show worth seeing.